Saturday, March 13, 2010

Gate River Run 2010

We decided to run the River Run on Friday. The race was on Saturday at 8:30am. I had been running some but not enought to really train well. I decided it would just be for fun and just enjoy being out there. Robert ran and did a great job! This was his first River Run. He was a champ. He and Paul have been friends since elementary school. Robert's wife Joyce is a very close friend. They are like family to us. Its kind of funny, Paul and Joyce both hate to run. So, they cheer us on.
I took my point and shoot camera and attempted to document the race along the way. I am so glad I did. We had so much fun!!!
I did not break any records with my time but had a blast just being out there. It was an absolute perfect day to run.

a encouraging note from my sweet husband left in my running shoe...

glamorous accomodations

there were about a zillion runners

ready to go!

what an inspiration... may i NEVER take my legs for granted...

bridge #1

thank you wendys for the water!!

mimosas on the running trail!!! cool

friends along the way... julie and her sweet miracle baby emma, what story they have!!

full firemen gear, double jogger and two kids... impressive

run forest! run!

the big green monster... aka a very mean bridge

almost home...

we did it!!

i got to come home to these sweet babies!!!

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Pat Price said...

I used your Green Monster photo on my blog, hope that's ok!!